Baby Loss Awareness Week takes place 9th – 15th of October of every year, it allows Bereaved parents, their families, and friends to get together to remember and honour the loss of their babies through miscarriage, birth or during infancy. Thousands of families across the UK are affected by pregnancy and baby loss each year, This week is a critical time to raise awareness about the impact of miscarriage and stillbirth and to consider how we can all do more to help those who have been affected.

 As part of Babyloss Awareness Week, Led by Sands, the Baby Loss Awareness Alliance is a collaboration of more than 100 charities that raises awareness of these losses that affect one in five UK families. Making the subject less taboo will help to lessen the number of people who are left to deal with their loss and grief on their own. In many cases, loved ones struggle with how to support the grieving parents of a deceased baby. We hope that by raising awareness about this issue we can help to continue breaking the silence around pregnancy and baby loss so families aren’t left isolated by their grief.

 To support, turn your social media #PinkAndBlue, support Baby loss awareness week and join the global wave of light by downloading these social media resources

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