• Peter & Nicola Elliston

    Peter & Nicola Elliston

    We fell pregnant with our first child on our honeymoon. After 10 weeks I was terrified when I started to bleed and went to hospital. They confirmed our fears but also gave us some amazing news, I had been carrying twins one of which we had lost but the other…

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  • so why won’t doctors take miscarriage seriously?

    They tell women it’s bad luck when simple tests could pinpoint the causes and end so much heartbreak – so why won’t doctors take miscarriage seriously? When William Hague revealed his wife Ffion had suffered several miscarriages, he was accused…

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  • Sharon


    Over the last 10 years I have endured numerous types of fertility treatments…..17 in total !!!  From these attempts I was lucky to become pregnant 4 times.  Sadly the pregnancies did not progress and I miscarried my precious babies during the early stages….

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  • Claire Smaller

    Claire Smaller

    Just weeks before coming across Dr Shehatas website we were starting to prepare ourselves for the devastating fact that we may never be able to carry a baby to full term. After four miscarriages it just seemed like we would be on this endless roller coaster…

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