• so why won’t doctors take miscarriage seriously?

    They tell women it’s bad luck when simple tests could pinpoint the causes and end so much heartbreak – so why won’t doctors take miscarriage seriously? When William Hague revealed his wife Ffion had suffered several miscarriages, he was accused…

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  • Sharon


    Over the last 10 years I have endured numerous types of fertility treatments…..17 in total !!!  From these attempts I was lucky to become pregnant 4 times.  Sadly the pregnancies did not progress and I miscarried my precious babies during the early stages….

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  • Claire Smaller

    Claire Smaller

    Just weeks before coming across Dr Shehatas website we were starting to prepare ourselves for the devastating fact that we may never be able to carry a baby to full term. After four miscarriages it just seemed like we would be on this endless roller coaster…

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  • Angie Baker

    Angie Baker

    After suffering a devastating 18 miscarriages, Angie Baker never gave up hope of one day conceiving the child she had always longed for. After hearing about Dr Shehata’s pioneering work at his miscarriage clinic in Epsom and St Helier University Hospitals…

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