• Thank You!

    Thank You!

    Within 2 years I suffered 3 miscarriages.  After months of going to the hospital without success, I found out about this clinic through a friend.  The first visit to Mr. Shehata was on November 19, 2020. After the first meeting and a set of blood tests it…

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  • Baby Loss Awareness Week 2021

    Baby Loss Awareness Week 2021

    Baby Loss Awareness Week takes place 9th – 15th of October of every year, it allows Bereaved parents, their families, and friends to get together to remember and honour the loss of their babies through miscarriage, birth or during infancy. Thousands of…

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  • Success!


    We first visited Mr Shehata a year ago after we had undertaken 4 rounds of IVF which all resulted in miscarriage.  Our IVF clinic blamed it on ‘bad luck’ however, we were not going to chance our remaining embryos without finding an answer to why this kept…

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  • Baby Burrows

    Baby Burrows

    Me and my husband would like to thank the whole of the CRP clinic team for helping our dreams come true. After 4 miscarriages we had started to give up hope, the NHS said it was just bad luck and to keep trying but I couldn’t keep putting us both through the…

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