Me and my husband would like to thank the whole of the CRP clinic team for helping our dreams come true. After 4 miscarriages we had started to give up hope, the NHS said it was just bad luck and to keep trying but I couldn’t keep putting us both through the heartbreak so I looked into private care. I came across a video Dr Shehata did and decided to book an appointment. 

Everything from front of house care , the consultations and tests were carried out in such a professional way. Dr Shehata listened to our history and diagnosed me with PCOS on my first visit, I was so relieved to have found something wrong. At my results appointment he found a few other problems , low vit D, high NK cells, positive ANA. We started our holistic treatment plan and was told we could try again in a month. We conceived on our first cycle and 9months later our gorgeous girl was born. 

I honestly believe without his care our princess wouldn’t be here! If anyone would like to follow my journey please follow on Instagram recurrentmiscarriage_writer and I am happy to answer any questions and recommend this fantastic clinic. 


We cannot thank you enough everyone at the CRP clinic.


Meet Lyla Ellenor Burrows born 11.9.2021 at 19.34pm at 39weeks weighing 6pound 6oz


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