Mr and Mrs Stacey – parents to a 3 1/2 year old daughter and 9 week old twin boys – our painful journey has had such a happy ending, all thanks to the amazing help and advice from Dr Shehata and his team

I suffered a missed miscarriage with a previous partner of 5 years, I was 21, young and naïve – a student still but falling pregnant, loving and then losing that baby made me feel like such a failure!.  I was struggling to maintain a relationship and study and be pregnant at the same time.  Losing that baby scarred me in a way I never thought possible.  The bad relationship ended but the pain of failing at the pregnancy never went away.  I blamed myself and saw the miscarriage as a punishment for us having a termination when I was even more young and naive at 19 years old! I felt I almost deserved to lose the baby because the relationship was from from healthy which meant neither was I.

Then my (now) amazing husband Mark came along – we got married in December 2008.  We fell pregnant on our honeymoon and we were so happy and overjoyed at our very much planned and wanted pregnancy, although I knew from past experience from about 4 weeks pregnant, something was wasn’t right as again I was vomiting day and night, I felt so ill, all could do was lay in bed, sleep or vomit until the day of our 12 week scan.  I was petrified to enter the scan room in case there was no heart beat just like before!.

Tragically again, my body had held on to the foetus but it died at about 7 weeks gestation.  Instead of my body miscarrying via heavy bleed, it held on to it and I was being violently sick all the time instead.  I felt like I was being poisoned.  The emotional pain when the sonographer said she was sorry there was no heart beat struck me and my husband like a knife.  How could this happen yet again and why????.  Yet again I blamed myself and felt it was punishment for the decision I made at 19 with my previous partner.  My husband and I were naturally distraught and the next few weeks passed in a very dark and scary blur.

Then a friend of mine mentioned she had read about Natural killer cells and that I should not go through any more pregnancies until I find out if there is any reason I cannot carry a baby full term.  My search led us to Dr Shehata and it was the best decision we ever made to arrange that first consultation with him.  In that first meeting he straight away diagnosed me with polycystic ovaries!! ( the NHS has scanned me twice and never found that!!!!) He asked us if we would like to take full and further blood tests to rule out further issues and thankfully they all came back ok, including the Natural killer cells.  So Dr Shehata prescribed me with very low cost medication and our beautiful daughter was conceived and born!  The overwhelming joy of being pregnant and actually giving birth to a healthy child is all thanks to the wonderful support, advice and guidance of Dr Shehata and his amazing team.

Naturally when we decided 3 years later for another child, we contacted the team again – this time double the joy!! – Twins on the screen at the 7 week scan!! our beautiful boys were born 16/02/14, healthy and happy.  There is so much we could say but you get the picture!  There is not enough words of gratitude to portray how thankful we are to Dr Shehata and the miscarriage clinic for our three amazing and beautiful children.

The whole experience is something we will never ever forget and would recommend the team in a heart beat.  My email address is should anyone want to know more about our story. We would be more than happy to share.

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