• Stephanie Miller

    I suffered my first miscarriage on holiday in the USA and could not believe it could happen to me. I was told by the doctors both in the US and in the UK that it was as common as 1 in 3 pregnancies and that the likelyhood was that my next pregnancy would be…

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  • Joanna Jenner

    Joanna Jenner

    …having had 4 miscarriages we read about Mr Shehata and were amazed and decided to go and see him ourselves. He carried out several tests and a scan and we found I had polycysic ovaries and nkc cells which i was given treatment for and a follow up appointment….

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  • Debra Marcos, Matthew Duck and baby Nicolas

    Debra Marcos, Matthew Duck and baby Nicolas

    Shortly after getting married I suffered 3 miscarriages within 10 months of each other which cast a shadow over our happiness together. As I belong to the medical profession it was easy for me to be seen by several specialist doctors who told me that all was…

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  • Cheryl


    My husband and I came to Mr Shehata’s clinic after suffering from five miscarriages. As I had given birth to our little girl Florence three years earlier, we had been told by well meaning people in the NHS that we were just having “bad luck” and to “keep…

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