• After 2 miscarriages

    After 2 miscarriages

    In 2014 after 2 miscarriages and subsequent D&Cs, I was unfortunately diagnosed with Asherman’s syndrome. This is a very rare condition to do with adhesions in the womb and my severe case required two surgeries with Dr Adrian Lower to rectify. Following…

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  • Rhonda, Nigel & baby Raphael

    Rhonda, Nigel & baby Raphael

    After 6 years of trying, 5 miscarriages and seeing various doctors, who gave us no answers to the cause, we had almost given up hope of having a child. We were put on the right track when we finally found Mr Shehata’s clinic and he gave us the  correct diagnosis…

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  • We feel very lucky

    We feel very lucky

    We came to the CRP clinic after 3 miscarriages and no diagnosis of a problem – we wanted to explore every possibility before trying again. The tests showed an elevated level of killer cells and I was prescribed Dr Shehata’s treatment programme. I…

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  • Anna & Sean’s story

    Anna & Sean’s story

    When my little girl Matilda turned 2 I started to think about when would be a good time to have another baby, I thought it would be perfect if she just turned 3! I had her without any trouble and I was 7/8 weeks before I even knew I was pregnant, as soon as…

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