• Kate


    We were over the moon when I first fell pregnant just months after our wedding. Nine weeks later we were told that the baby had stopped growing at around six weeks. We were utterly devastated but remained positive that things would be successful next time. Again,…

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  • E Owen

    E Owen

    We had been trying to conceive for 4 years before visiting Mr Shahata at the Miscarriage Clinic.  We first visited our GP after 9 months of not conceiving and were given 3 months of Clomid as both our fertility levels were on the lower levels of acceptable,…

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  • Joyti Azad

    Joyti Azad

    I already have a daughter who was born in 2001 – my pregnancy with her was very normal and she arrived at 37 weeks after a very normal and quick labour. I then found that I was pregnant in 2007 – completley unplanned but delighted nevertheless. At…

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  • Stephanie Miller

    I suffered my first miscarriage on holiday in the USA and could not believe it could happen to me. I was told by the doctors both in the US and in the UK that it was as common as 1 in 3 pregnancies and that the likelyhood was that my next pregnancy would be…

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