Our clinic promotes a cutting edge scientific medical approach and alternative therapy. We are dedicated in diagnosing and treating miscarriages and providing women with the chance of having a successful pregnancy outcome.

Each patient is entirely unique in terms of their clinical problems and the outcome of their investigations, our aim is to give the best possible improvement in each individual case. Currently, most couples are told that there is no apparent cause for their miscarriages or that it is ‘bad luck’.

However, the good news is that in our clinic, we have taken long-awaited steps forward in the diagnosis and treatment of women who suffer miscarriages.

Using radical scientific advances, we now understand that in some instances a mother’s immune system can turn on itself and damage her own pregnancies. Using our knowledge of ‘reproductive immunology’ alongside other established therapies we are now able to diagnose and treat a much greater proportion of women who have previously been offered little hope. We are aware that not all clinicians agree that the immune system plays a role in miscarriages.

Even women in their late thirties and early forties who have suffered several miscarriages consecutively without any apparent reason, are finally able to carry their pregnancies to full term and take their babies home with them.

We treat couples who experience recurrent miscarriages, multiple pregnancy losses or repeated in vitro fertilization failures.

Our clinic is one of the few centres in the world offering this latest treatment and we believe we can finally bring relief to thousands of couples who might otherwise give up hope.

In our institute we also offer other services to support women’s health such as expert pregnancy care and delivery, prenatal testing and baby scans, hyperemesis gravidarum, general gynaecology and complimentary therapies.

We also offer a bespoke well man service and fertility (men and women) screening to support a holistic approach in the endeavour to start a family.

We are always in pursuit of excellence and development.