Ground Floor

Our baby changing facilities and disabled toilet is located on the ground floor. There is a lift accessible to wheel chairs and buggies to the first floor only.

First Floor

Patients Suite: This room is designated for the midwives and nurses to administer infusions and also take blood tests. There is a strict infection control policy which all staff abide by thus ensuring that your treatment plans and diagnostic tests are carried out to the highest quality standards. This is a patient area only so we advise family members to take advantage of the shopping facilities or various restaurants available in the town centre.

Procedure Room: Diagnostic tests such as Hysteroscopy and minor procedures such as Manual Vacuum Aspiration (MVA) are performed here. We also have the facility to carry out these tests under sedation.

Professor Shehata’s Room: All consultations with Professor Shehata are carried out in his room. He has the facilities to scan and carry out diagnostic testing in a designated room adjacent to his consulting room. This keeps interruptions to a minimum.

Fetal Medicine Room:  The fetal medicine scans are carried out by a fetal medicine specialist using the latest in Ultrasound technology and software.

Reception: The reception area is a welcoming environment where the reception staff check you in and ask you to confirm your details on arrival.

Waiting Area:  The waiting room offers a relaxing environment prior to your appointment. There are patient feedback forms located within this area and we encourage all patients and visitors to complete these as we value any feedback about our service.

Second Floor

Powder Room: There are two toilets available which are checked every two hours by staff.


Clinic Fees

  • Initial consultation – £350 (a deductible £100 deposit is required to secure this appointment)
  • Follow up consultation – £200
  • Immune tests- tests range from £150 to £700 each
  • Wellbeing tests- tests range from £60 to £155 each
  • Hormonal tests – tests range from £87 to £105 each
  • Non-invasive Fetal DNA testing- £450
  • Initial scan – £235
  • 3D saline scan – £450
  • HyFosy – £475
  • 3D saline scan + Hyfosy – £625
  • Early pregnancy scans (includes consultation) – £290
  • Nuchal scan (includes blood tests) – £360
  • Anomaly scan- £360
  • Growth scans package (28, 32 and 36 weeks) – £760

    Fetal Medicine scan packages are available on request.
  • Manual Vacuum Aspiration (MVA) – from £1893
  • Hysteroscopy – from £1300
  • Initial consultation –  £285
  • Nurse consultation – £200
  • IVF cycle-  From £3950 (excludes initial and nurse consultations medications,  pre-IVF investigation tests)

    IVF packages are available on request.
  • Initial consultation –  £285
  • Nurse consultation – £200
  • IUI cycle-  From £1200 (excludes initial and nurse consultations medications,  pre-IUI investigation tests)

    IUI packages are available on request
  • Sperm DNA Integrity- £490
  • Semen Analysis- £225
We accept insurance policies from BUPA at CRP Clinic.

Consultations are billed under Professor Shehata’s provider number: 04346007

Tests and investigations are billed under The Miscarriage Clinic’s provider number: 60012322

Please Note:
  • You are responsible for understanding your insurance coverage.
  • Contact your insurer before your initial consultation to verify coverage.
  • Check your policy for coverage limits and excess amounts.
  • Provide us with your insurance details, including membership/policy number and pre-authorization number.
  • Provide us with written confirmation (email or letter) from BUPA as to which tests/investigations they have agreed to cover.
  • If your policy doesn’t cover the full cost, you will be billed for the remaining balance.