Private Hyfosy Surgical Procedures

What is a HyFoSy Tubal Patency Test?

A HyFoSy is a scan examination of the fallopian tubes.  It involves an internal examination very like a smear test, and then a very thin tube is passed into the womb.  Once the tube is in place the womb is scanned using an internal scan to check the position of the tube is correct.  A very small amount of foam is then passed through the tube into the womb and fallopian tubes.  Ultrasound waves bounce off air so giving us a very clear view of the tiny microbubbles as they pass through the fallopian tubes and spill out of the end of the fallopian tubes.  Occasionally we are unable to get a conclusive result and further tests may be required.

Why Do I Need This Test?

  • Your doctor needs the information to check that the tubes are open and are able to allow your eggs to travel freely down the tubes to allow fertilisation and implantation in the womb when you ovulate.
  • It is performed on women who are finding it difficult to get pregnant or as a check after tubal surgery.
  • The HyFoSy test is performed between days 6-10 of your cycle.Please call the office on day 1 of your period to book the procedure – the number is 01372 232 221.
  • Please avoid intercourse prior to HYFOSY test.

The Benefits of This Procedure

This method of checking the fallopian tubes is very safe, it requires no surgery or anaesthetic.  It also means you are not exposed to x-ray.