The CRP Fertility Satellite Clinic works in partnership with King’s College Fertility Unit. This means you have all your consultations, tests, monitoring scans with us and on the day of the procedure you will attend King’s College Fertility Unit for the IUI procedure.

Intrauterine insemination (IUI) is a type of fertility treatment in which better quality sperms are separated from the sperm that are sluggish, non-moving, or showing abnormal DNA fragmentation. IUI is the procedure of injecting sperm, prepared in the laboratory by the embryologists, into the womb around the time of ovulation (a woman’s most fertile time). Conception occurs naturally inside the body.

IUI is commonly used by people who are using donated sperm in their treatment, including single women and female couples but can also be used by heterosexual couples.

It’s also used in cases of:
• Unexplained fertility
• Ovulatory problems
• Decreased sperm count, movement, or abnormal fragmentation.
• A physical disability
• A psychosexual problem exists or
• HIV positive men in which sperm washing reduces the risk of transmission.