What is a Saline Hysterosonogram?

A Saline Hysterosonogram, is a non-invasive technique that involves the slow infusion of sterile saline solution into a woman’s uterus during ultrasound imaging. A very thin tube is passed into the womb. Once the tube is in place the womb is scanned using an internal scan to check the position of the tube is correct. A very small amount of sterile saline is passed through. Occasionally we are unable to get a conclusive result and further tests may be required.

Why Do I need This Test?

Hysterosonography allows the doctor to evaluate abnormal growths inside the uterus; abnormalities of the tissue lining the uterus (the endometrium); or disorders affecting deeper tissue layers. The Saline Hysterosonogram test is performed between days 6-10 of your cycle. Please call the nurses on day 1 of your period to book the procedure on 01372 232 221.

The Benefits of This Procedure

This method of checking the Uterine Cavity is very safe; it requires no surgery or anaesthetic. It also means you are not exposed to X-ray or radiation.