Tel: 01372 232 240

In response to patient feedback we have changed our system for answering calls during specific times and will aim to anwser calls during our clinic working hours 9am-5pm Monday to Friday. Due to the high volume of calls it is not always possible to speak with an advisor, so we ask that you leave a message so we can return your call the same day. All messgaes received after 5pm will be returned the following day.


Mention your name, address, contact number, preferred appointment day, preference between the Epsom clinic or Harley Street and how flexible your dates are. We aim to respond to emails within 2 working days. 

Finance Queries
Accounts: 01372232241

Medical Queries


Prescription Requests
email the following address: and provide the following information:

  1. Full name, date of birth and address as registered at the CRP clinic
  2. Full name of the drug and the dose required
  3. Reason for requesting the prescription prior to your appointment with Mr Shehata
  4. Date of last appointment
  5. Date of next appointment

All prescriptions are chargeable at a payment fee of £20.00 per item. Once a prescription is authorised it is sent to pharmacierge – the pharmacy concierge who will contact you directly and arrange for payment and delivery. Please ask for details at your appointment.