Joanna Riches

My name is Joanna and I’m a nurse. I graduated in Poland and have been working there for nine years, mainly in operating theatres. In 2016 I came to England and started working as a scrub nurse. Since 2019 I have also been working as a surgical first assistant, specialising mainly in laparoscopic surgery for general surgery, bariatric surgery, and gynaecology. I also have qualifications and skills to work as an anaesthetic nurse, looking after patients undergoing anaesthesia. During Covid-19 pandemic I worked in Intensive Care Unit looking after intubated patients. Throughout my career as a nurse, I also have gained knowledge and skills to care for patients undergoing endoscopic procedures, e.g., colonoscopy, gastroscopy. In early part of 2022 I have started working in CRP Clinic looking after women suffering from recurrent miscarriages, helping them to achieve pregnancy by taking part in the immunology treatment.

In my free time, I like to go for a ride on my motorcycle and spend time with my two guinea pigs. I also enjoy gardening when the weather outside is nice.