Professor Shehata and Professor Akolekar and all the staff at CRP clinic, we can’t thank you enough for making our dreams come true.

After three early miscarriages and one baby boy born sleeping we were so close to giving up, then a friend recommended Professor Shehata. We decided to have one last try and put all of our faith in Dr Shehata and the team at CRP. From the very first consultation we knew we were in safe hands ,  no stone was unturned in not only investigating what had previously gone wrong but prevention of this happening to us in future.

After investigation and diagnosis we fell pregnant straight away and I was put on a treatment plan, to say we were nervous about the pregnancy would be understatement, there were times we went for scans and we were petrified to look at the screen because we had such a fear of history repeating it’s self, during these scans the nurses were like angels sent from above, they took the time to get to know us and looked after us with such care and compassion.
The scans with Professor Akolekar are worth their weight in gold, we felt so safe and reassured,  he was so thorough and would softly speak to us and explain everything step by step as he was doing his checks, if he wasn’t 100% happy with something he would check, re check and check again. After our first couple of visits with him, we started to look forward to scans rather than be filled with dread, we can’t thank him enough.

Our initial consultation at CRP was March 2022, in January 2023 we welcomed our beautiful baby girl into the world.
As we’re approaching her first birthday , we are as grateful today as we were the day she was born.

Thank you CRP clinic!

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