we cannot thank you enough for making our family complete. After suffering three consecutive miscarriages, I knew there was a problem causing it each time. Following tests being carried out by the NHS and not getting any answers, we decided to seek private help, where we came across Dr Shehata. After reading the information available online, we did not hesitate to book an appointment. From attending this and getting the results from the blood tests, it was a relief in a way to find out there was a problem with my immune system and this could be treated.

On successfully conceiving again, I started the treatment and had regular check-ups with Dr Shehata. While I was worried throughout the pregnancy due to our previous losses, the pregnancy went smoothly and it was reassuring to have regular scans at the clinic. Subsequently our beautiful little lady, India Rose, was born at 40 weeks plus 5 days and is perfect in every way.

We can’t thank Dr Shehata and all involved enough for their help in completing our family. If it wasn’t for your expertise where this was not available on the NHS, we would never be where we are today and holding our daughter.

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