We first visited Mr Shehata a year ago after we had undertaken 4 rounds of IVF which all resulted in miscarriage.  Our IVF clinic blamed it on ‘bad luck’ however, we were not going to chance our remaining embryos without finding an answer to why this kept happening to us.


I undertook a number of tests at the CRP Clinic and discovered at our first consultation with Mr Shehata that my NK Cells were aggressive and most likely causing the miscarriages that I had experienced.  He created a treatment plan which included supressing my immune system so it was able to respond differently to the growing embryo.  We decided to try again and had our 5th embryo transferred in Oct 2020 while undertaking the treatment that Mr Shehata had recommended.


We were obviously very nervous throughout the first number of weeks, and we had a number of scans at the clinic which all resulted in a heart beat and a growing baby.  We couldn’t believe it when we had a successful 12 week scan and were able to share the news with our families at Christmas.


Throughout the pregnancy we were anxious however Mr Shehata and the team really put us at ease at every appointment.  We also had scans with Professor Ranjit Akolekar at 12 weeks and 20 weeks which were really in depth and made us feel reassured that everything was as it should be.


Our baby girl was born in July and we still pinch ourselves that she is here, after so many years of heartbreak.  We can’t recommend the CRP Clinic enough, without them, its unlikely we would have our baby so we are eternally grateful for all that they have done. We hope to return one day if we are lucky enough to build on our family 😊

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