We first visited the CRP clinic in October 2022 after experiencing three miscarriages within the previous year. After feeling underwhelmed by the support available on the NHS and hearing many stories about people being told they had ‘unexplained infertility’ after long waits for NHS testing, we decided we wanted to invest in some private care. We first heard of Dr Shehata on a podcast and he seemed to talk so much sense! It was the first time someone had talked so clearly about issues that sounded so similar to ours and seemed to be able to offer a solution. Despite living in the north of England, we quickly contacted the clinic and were given an initial appointment a couple of weeks later.


Three weeks after our first appointment, we returned to the clinic where we were told I had overactive NK cells and too many of them. Dr Shehata presented us with a clear treatment plan and a schedule of appointments to follow as and when we fell pregnant. I had my first intralipid drip that day with a view to trying to conceive when I ovulated that cycle. Miraculously, I ovulated a couple of days later and two weeks after that, we were looking at a positive pregnancy test!


Throughout our entire pregnancy, we felt listened to and taken care of and we knew we were in the best possible hands. Although the clinic was a long journey for us, every appointment felt completely worthwhile and was so important in helping us to feel reassured and reduced our anxiety as much as possible after so many previous losses.


We were discharged from the clinic at 20 weeks and our beautiful baby boy was born on 17th July 2023 at 39 weeks via a planned c section. Dr Shehata, Ms Silva Edge and Dr Akolakor were all amazing and we can’t thank you enough for finally starting our family.

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