Back in November 2017 we started trying for a baby . Soon after we found out we was pregnant on Valentine’s Day 2018 and a few short weeks later we went on to have our first miscarriage. Four more miscarriages followed from 2018-2021. After the third miscarriage we got referred to the recurring miscarriage clinic where we had very basic tests done, the results showed nothing. After the fifth miscarriage I started looking into testing for NK cells. I found a fertility clinic that did this by a biopsy (endometrial scrape) the results came back as inadequate so I had it re done and it came back inadequate again ! (When we came to the CRP clinic dr Shehata told me that test should of never been done like that as it’s not accurate and the only way to test for NK cells is by blood test). I also looked into Tommy’s and got a referral there but they wanted me to take part in a 3 month trial and we didn’t feel like we wanted to waste time on a trial , we just wanted answers and a treatment to why this was happening. 

I wrote on a forum saying I was lost and didn’t know where to turn to next and a few women then mentioned dr Shehata at the CRP clinic. I started researching him and seen so many success stories of couples who were like us. I didn’t waste any time and got booked in for our first appointment. The minute we got to the clinic we felt very welcome. Dr Shehata said to us there is many reasons why miscarriage happens and when he told us that I knew he was the man who was going to get us our baby. All we had been told by the nhs constantly was that miscarriage was one of those things ,so hearing dr Shehata say there is many reasons why miscarriage happens was such a relief. He scanned me on that first day and told me I had PCOS (I had over 17 internal scans with the nhs and this was never mentioned). I had all the blood tests done that dr Shehata said and we went back two weeks later for the results.

My results showed I was boarder line high for activated NK cells. I also had another scan that day to check my lining of the uterus and it was too thin. I was put on a treatment plan of quite a few tablets which you have to be on for 3 months before you can try. And in august we got the go ahead to try. In December 2021 we found out we was pregnant. Rang the clinic and was told to go down to have my first intralipid infusion drip. I had these every 4 weeks till was 16 weeks pregnant. And scans every 2 weeks till 16 weeks. Every time we got into the car to make the journey to Epsom which would take us 4 hours . We would both drive in silence as we was both so anxious of each scan and the pregnancy failing again. But once we got to 10 weeks dr Shehata said the chance of miscarriage now was very very low. All our other pregnancies ended at 6 and 8 weeks so to even get to 10 weeks was amazing ! We soon got to 12 weeks and had a really in-depth scan with the professor. He actually told us we was having a boy that day. Once we got to 16 weeks we were discharged from the clinic and came off a lot of the tablets then. I was nervous coming of the tablets and not going to the clinic anymore but we was consultant lead so we got a lot of scans with the nhs. From 28 weeks we were scanned weekly and at 33 weeks and 2 days we was told the umbilical cord blood flow was irregular. I had to have steroid injections 24 hours apart to prepare the babies lungs. And a scan at 33weeks and 5 days they told us he needed to come out so got rushed down for an emergency c-section. Our baby Jenson was born on Friday 15th July at 1:41pm weighting 4lb4. Even lying on the operating table we still couldn’t and didn’t dare believe we was having a baby. It wasn’t until we heard him cry that we both then cried with joy and relief. Jenson was taken to the nicu with being born 6 weeks early . He spent a week there but was only on the oxygen for 24 hours and was literally only in there so long because he was early and so small . The day we got to take Jenson home was amazing. I still don’t think it’s fully sank in that we’re parents now and we actually have our miracle.

It still feels so surreal and if it wasn’t for the amazing work that dr Shehata and team do at the CRP clinic we wouldn’t have our little boy . I can’t thank you enough . You have made our dreams a reality and We will forever be great full. 

Leanda potter and John Tuck

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