My husband and I just wanted to say a big thank you to all at CRP for all of your care and support in making our dreams come true.

Meeting Professor Shehata in May 2023, following our 5th miscarriage the month prior, gave us a new sense of hope. After being told by the NHS there was no more they could do for us (we had also tried IVF), hearing there were other avenues to explore, other tests and treatment options we could try was refreshing. I just knew we needed to try something different and I am so glad we did!

Although for us the results of the tests didn’t flag anything significant it did show slightly raised cytokines and Professor Shehata felt we would benefit from a treatment plan as a result of this and because 5 miscarriage’s was not going to have been just bad luck. I was keen to try something feeling that we couldn’t keep doing the same thing over and over hoping for a different outcome.

After some pre-conception treatment we fell pregnant again in July 2023. Following our treatment plan, and after 9 months of anticipation we welcomed a perfect baby girl in to the world in April 2024.

Everyone we came across at our time with CRP were wonderful, attentive and professional. At the start of our journey we had the time to discuss our plan, ask questions and have the research behind it explained to us. We felt there was complete transparency about the costs of different aspects of treatment as well as the expectations of receiving treatment with CRP i.e. regular scans when pregnant. This allowed us to plan financially and practically as we would be travelling from Wales.

Communication was excellent and we were so appreciative of times we were accommodated with last minute scan appointments in early pregnancy when we were experiencing concerning symptoms; the reassurance this provided was invaluable. Ms Edge in particular stood out for us with her care and compassionate manner during scans putting us at ease during what were anxiety provoking times. We soon started to look forward to scans especially when we knew they were with her.

We also found it beneficial to be able to access additional services via CRP such as the harmony test and fetal medicine scans to provide additional reassurance and more of an in depth look at how our little girl was doing. There is a very stark difference of how much you get from the scans at CRP compared to those offered via the NHS.

Overall we felt supported and listened to by CRP throughout the different parts of our journey. Our final appointment was a very bittersweet moment.

So we just wanted to say once again a big thank you to you all for helping us in making dream a reality.

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