We were over the moon when I first fell pregnant just months after our wedding. Nine weeks later we were told that the baby had stopped growing at around six weeks. We were utterly devastated but remained positive that things would be successful next time. Again, I fell pregnant quickly only to be told at an early scan that the baby had stopped growing again at six seeks. At this point we were still hopeful that the miscarriages were bad luck and we must be due some good luck soon. Sadly, my third and forth pregnancies ended the same way and, after having every test available on the NHS, no reason could be found for our losses. ‘Just bad luck’ we kept being told by doctors.

My miscarriages all followed a very similar pattern and we had a feeling that something was causing them other than just bad luck. I knew that someone must be able to give me some answers and spent hours searching the internet. It was in May last year that I came across Mr Shehata’s clinic.

It was the first time in a long time we felt a glimmer of hope. Mr Shehata said he would try to find a cause for all our heartbreaking miscarriages. He quickly discovered I had a very high level of NK cells and recommended a treatment plan of steroids and intralipids. We were so relieved that finally someone could give us some answers and offer me a treatment plan.

When I became pregnant for the fifth time, we were still very anxious but had faith in Mr Shehata and the treatment I was on. I will never forget the first time he scanned me and we saw a tiny flickering heartbeat on the screen. We had never got that far with our other pregnancies so it was an amazing feeling and a huge milestone in our long journey to become parents. One positive scan was followed by another and finally we started to believe that we might actually have our long awaited baby.

I went on to have our beautiful daughter Ella in July, just over a year after I discovered Mr Shehata. Along with his fantastic team, he gave us hope and support throughout my pregnancy. I am eternally grateful to him for helping us achieve our dream of having a family.


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