Before coming to CRP clinic we had a long road of heartache.


Back in 2016 & 2017 we had two miscarriages, the first of which was very traumatic. Later on in 2017 we fell pregnant a third time and we were lucky enough to have a miracle baby boy and naively thought we were fixed and miscarriages were a thing of the past. Our son Isaac was born in June 2018 and we were over the moon.


A year or so later we thought about trying again to complete our family. Unfortunately history began to repeat itself and we went on to have a further 4 miscarriages in 2019 & 2020 one of which required surgery and each miscarriage became more traumatic.


We tried to seek help with the NHS as we had now had 6 miscarriages but were told as we had, had a healthy baby they would find nothing wrong.


After feeling we could take no more we contacted the CRP clinic. Mr Shehata instantly put us at ease and I left the first appointment saying to my husband ‘that will be the doctor that gets us our baby’.


After all our tests it was found I had a high level of natural killer cells and I started treatment of Hydroxychloroquine and intralipids, along with aspirin and progesterone. It was a lot to take in but Mr Shehata filled me with confidence and hope. In the back of my mind I was worried what if I was the person it didn’t work for, but I didn’t need to worry.


We fell pregnant our second cycle of trying. Our first scan I was absolutely terrified but he just got straight on with it and said straight away ‘there’s your baby’s heartbeat’. I’ve never felt such joy and relief. By week 10 he explained our chances of miscarriage were now very low and to start enjoying the pregnancy.


I couldn’t believe we were finally getting our wish and found it hard to relax during the pregnancy. On the 12th May 2022 our baby girl Orla was born weighing 6lb 5oz. She is perfect and has completed our family. This time last year I would’ve never believed that I would have our rainbow baby. I’ll be eternally grateful to Mr Shehata and everyone at CRP, thank you for saving me from further trauma and mostly importantly for our baby girl.


Rebecca & Steven

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