I am a past patient of Mr Shehata. Our daughter Selina Isis was delivered in Epsom by him on 23rd December 2011.  We now live in Melbourne and often talk about him with Selina. She has recently been asked to give a short speech at school about how her name was chosen and will no doubt explain that her middle name Isis was chosen because of our link to an Egyptian doctor who brought her safely into the world.

We would like to pass on our deepest thanks and best wishes again, I will never forget the daily visits from our home in Kent to Epsom for scans and check ups, I also clearly remember his visit to my hospital room on Christmas night to check in on me.

I have enclosed pictures of her then and now. She  is such a beautiful person and we are extremely proud of her. She is just staring year 6 at school in Melbourne and has been made a school leader. We come back to the U.K. every summer and I keep thinking will have to bring her over to Epsom.

Best Wishes

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