I met Mr Shehata,11 years ago when me and my husband had been trying for a baby. I have two children already now 18years and 15 years, but ever since me and Alan had tried for a baby I kept having miscarriages, all at 8 weeks it totally broke our heart. I have been seen by a number of Drs in different hospitals but carried on losing my babies, then I heard of Mr Shehata, my first appointment was made.

When I met Mr Shehata he made me feel at ease, you could tell he loved his work and had great pleasure in helping woman like me, and so my journey began. I tried asprin, heparin injection, progesterone, calcichew, intralipids. I had more miscarriages though all at 8 weeks then I carried a baby. We had scan at 11weeks and saw the baby moving around. Mr Shehata cheered he was over the moon, I was happy but scared, kept thinking something would go wrong. It did, I lost my baby at 15weeks. That was my 19th miscarriage.

I carried on seeing Mr Shehata, I then lost a little boy at 5months had to go in hospital to give birth then have a funeral, I was totally destroyed at this point but couldn’t give up. After I lost my son the drive to London seemed so much longer then 2 hours,Mr Shehata gave me a new drug which I started taking for over a year as daily routine, I fell pregnant and found out September 2012 I was so sure I would lose my baby again.

I didn’t tell anybody, then Christmas came and went then it was a new year 2013. I managed to hide my bump with baggy tops was so scared every day, on January 4th I decided to phone and ask for a scan. I had one the following day at 8.30, I was waiting for the words im sosorry Kelly theres no heartbeat, those words didn’t come I was told baby looked fine, I was yet again so scared thought I had jinxed myuself and would lose my baby. I was booked in at antenatal, every scan I feared the worst.  My baby boy was due the 19th June 2013, but April the 1st my midwife came to do a check. I had high blood pressure and protein and was sent to hospital and kept in. On the 3rd of April at just 29 weeks I was told my baby had to be delievered as I had pre eclampsia and kidney failure.

I knew now I would lose my baby after how far I had come, at 3.51am my son was born through c.section weighing in  at 2ibs 15oz he let out a tiny cry as he came into the world, I was so poorly I didn’t see him for 2 days then when I was wheeled down to the neonatal unit I broke my heart I seen the smallest baby I had ever seen in my life. I honestly thought then I would lose him , at 6weeks 3days on the 18th of May my baby boy was allowed home from hospital, such a proud day of my life.  He is now 11lbs 11oz, 17weeks 5days, but correct age he is 6 weeks 5 days. I can not thank Mr Shehata enough for giving me hope and never giving up on helping me. He is the most amazing Dr you could ever wish to meet, after 11years of waiting, 20 miscarriages and 11 weeks early my baby arrived and is doing fantastically. Thank you so so much to a lovely man – Mr Shehata he has made my, my husband’s and my two daughters’ lives complete.

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