My husband and I married in summer 2011 we always knew we wanted to have a family but decided to wait a year before trying for a baby, we never thought that our journey to become parents would be such a difficult one.

In summer 2012 we found out that I was pregnant we were so excited, however this happiness was very short lived as I had a bleed a few days after taking the pregnancy test. I was later told this was a chemical pregnancy. To our surprise the following month we found we were pregnant again, this time we were extremely worried and just prayed this would be different this time. I was given a scan at about 7/8 weeks with the NHS due to the first failed pregnancy, at the scan we discovered that there was no heartbeat. We were heart broken and to make matters worse my body wasn’t ready to let it go, so I had to go through a medical managed miscarriage. We were told by doctors not to worry and it could just be very bad luck we were having.

We decided to have break and give ourselves time to get over the heart ache of the miscarriage before trying again, I think we were also scared to try again in case the same thing happened.

In summer 2013 we found we were expecting again, we were so worried the same thing would happen. Again I went for the 7/8 week scan only to find there was no heartbeat. The doctors kept reassuring us that it’s just extremely bad luck we were having. I just knew there was something more to it. I had to have another medical managed miscarriage, this was an extremely low point for the both of us.

The NHS carried out test to try and find out why the pregnancies were not being successful, we had to wait months for a follow up appointment, the results came back all clear we were told that there wasn’t anything wrong it was just extremely bad luck we were having and go ahead and try again. We both knew this wasn’t the case and didn’t want to try again.

I was searching the internet trying to find some answers or if anyone else had successful pregnancies after early loses. I came across Mr Shehata at the Miscarriage Clinic, after reading all his success stories I was desperate to meet him.

We called to make an appointment and were booked in to see him the following week. It was very reassuring to meet Mr Shehata, we talked through our history I had mentioned that many of my family members have thyroid problems.

Mr Shehata ran blood tests at our first consultation with him and we were back within 2 weeks for the results. They showed I had very high levels of thyroid antibodies, which were attacking the growing foetus. Mr Shehata talked us through our treatment which would involve taking steroids to supress my immune system, taking daily aspirin and having an intralipid drip every 4 weeks for the first few months. He was very positive and reassured us that the next pregnancy would be different. After 4 months (which felt like a lifetime) we were back to at the clinic for our 7 weeks scan, I was a complete nervous wreck leading up to this appointment. I will never forget the sound of hearing the heartbeat for the first time. It was so reassuring to see Mr Shehata so often in the early stages and at each appointment seeing our little baby grow we finally allowed ourselves to believe that all would be ok this time. And finally in April our gorgeous little boy arrived, he’s a very happy little man and I feel so blessed to be his mum.

Mr Shehata, Louise and all his team were totally amazing and so supportive throughout and words cannot describe how thankful we are of them, I am so pleased I stumbled across his website online. We now have the most perfect little boy and we will forever be grateful to Mr Shehate and his team for helping us to become a family.

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