We had been trying to have a baby since 2020 and when I was going through my second consecutive miscarriage at 11 weeks I came across Professor Shehata’s name in a podcast. Having had both miscarriages at exactly the same point and having an underlying autoimmune condition, I knew I needed to seek further advice to potentially prevent an unavoidable 3rd miscarriage. 

We booked an initial consultation with Professor Shehata where I finally felt listened to and some of the pains and symptoms I’d been having in the previous pregnancies were validated and taken on board. After having the initial blood tests it appeared that my NK cells were incredibly high and my immune system was attacking the pregnancies. It was a very emotional moment knowing that potentially, the previous miscarriages could have been prevented. 

I was put on a treatment plan which I was initially quite nervous about but Professor Shehata and his team were incredibly reassuring and clearly experts in this field. 

From starting the treatment plan in April 2022, I fell pregnant and our beautiful baby boy Louis was born June 06 2023. It has been a journey to get to this point with a lot of time, road trips and money invested but I truly believe we never would have got here without the help of the CRP. I’ll always be forever grateful that we were able to go down this route and would highly recommend Professor Shehata and his team.

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