We visited Doctor Hassan Shehata in January 2020 after 2 early miscarriages and two failed ivf cycles. I always had a feeling our losses weren’t due to chromosomal abnormalities as all our other tests kept coming back fine. At our first consultation we were told I had aggressive killer cells, and so I was put on a dose of humira, with hydroxychloroquine, predisolone and Intralipids as treatment. In September 2020, after a failed ivf round with 2 pgt-a abnormal embryos, I fell pregnant naturally- the first time I’d taken all the prescribed drugs together. We are now proud parents to a beautiful baby boy.

We had confidence in Doctor Shehata from the first time we met him- I remember saying to my other half ‘I believe he’s the one that will get us a baby.’ We always felt really cared for at CRP clinic; ivf clinics always felt a bit clinical and impersonal, like we were just a number, but at CRP we were treated like we really  mattered- everyone knew us by name, and everyone was genuinely pleased for us when we had our successful outcome. I almost felt scared being discharged from their care at 16 weeks as I suddenly felt very alone without their presence and support.

We chose to have our 12 and 20 week scans with Professor Akolebar too. He was excellent and really reassured us throughout both scans- he has no much experience with women who’ve had lots of losses and so made sure we left each scan feeling confident about the pregnancy. He literally said to us ‘the baby is perfect, I see no problems with this pregnancy – you’ll have a straight forward birth.’ He was right – it was an easy pregnancy, easy birth, and – so far- an easy baby.

We’re beyond grateful for the care given to us at CRP. Our little boy wouldn’t be here without them and for this we will always be thankful.

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