I have always wanted to be a mum but had always put a hold on it so that I could pursue a career and buy a house before starting a family. After 4 years of marriage and almost closing a deal on a house a thought it was time to start trying. My gynaecologist often said; it’s best to have your first baby before you’re 35! As I was 34 I still had a whole year to try.

I’ve always had a healthy life style thought to myself it was going to be fairly straightforward but after 6 months no success I started to wonder but then in August I fell pregnant! What a relief! I was so happy over the moon. As I was feeling a bit crampy I decided to go the early pregnancy unit, I was 5 weeks pregnant and there was no heart beat but the doctor said might be too early come back in two weeks. But to be honest deep down I thought something was wrong  but really tried to be positive.

After two weeks I was back there just to find out that there was only a tiny skeleton of a foetus, the news was devastating and it was called a delayed miscarriage. The doctor told me to wait at least three months to start trying again and after 3 months I started to bleed non stop for two weeks so I went to the A&E just to find out that I was having and ectopic pregnancy and I was 4 weeks pregnant.

A lot of heartache again and the doubt at the back of my mind that I would never be able to conceive.

I had tests done through NHS and their diagnosis was unexplained infertility and diminished ovarian reserve, they said that there was nothing they could do to help, they even made me feel worse than I was.

The NHS did offer me 1 round of Ivf which I went through but did not work out as they could not find any eggs on the day of the collection.

One day after almost 3 years trying I was confining myself to a a work colleague and after telling her about my sorrow she told me about a friend that had a imune system problem got treated by Dr Shehata and had twins! it was the best day of my life because I had a feeling that I was about to find out what was preventing me from becoming a mum.

Booked the appointment and went to see Dr Shehata, very impressed with his knowledge and resources. After the first test found out I had high killer cells and 3 months into the treatment got pregnant with my little miracle! The first scan made me cry so much! What a feeling! What a journey! Here I am mother of a beautiful baby boy 7 months old, thank God first of all, Dr Shehata and his Team. The “impossible” can be possible if you believe and seek professional help.

Rejane Siqueira

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