“After many years of failed fertility treatments and operations elsewhere coming to see Dr Shehata was the best decision we ever made. I have a low ovarian count and endometriosis and had previously been unsuccessful with 5 rounds of IVF. We had one cycle on the NHS, but the rest of it had been self funded. We were saving every penny for treatments and borrowing money from family. We would have given up everything if it meant we could have had a child.

Tired, emotionally and financially we were ready to stop but decided to give it one last push. I had been told about Dr Shehata by a friend and after a bit of research we visited the CRP clinic. Following that I had a full round of tests and discovered on top of my low ovarian reserve I had elevated natural killer cells. I was put on a course of steroids to suppress this. After a couple of rounds of IMSI we had a two good embryos left and from one of them our baby boy was born. A healthy 7.13lbs.

As time went on we decided not to find out the sex of our baby but asked Dr Shehata to write it down in a sealed envelope for us, just incase. We didn’t open it until after our he was born but Dr Shehata was correct, right from the beginning. We are now enjoying every minute of our beautiful, happy baby boy, something we never thought would be possible and we can’t thank Dr Shehata and his wonderful team enough.”

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