In 2014 after 2 miscarriages and subsequent D&Cs, I was unfortunately diagnosed with Asherman’s syndrome. This is a very rare condition to do with adhesions in the womb and my severe case required two surgeries with Dr Adrian Lower to rectify.

Following my recovery from Asherman’s and after a third miscarriage I researched further online and found Dr Shehata. The day before our first appointment with him I had a positive pregnancy test, so as well as conducting his usual tests Dr Shehata prescribed me steroids and hormones immediately to try and help the pregnancy. We were to go back for a scan in two weeks.

A fortnight later we went to see Dr Shehata. As he scanned me my husband and I could hardly look at the screen with fear. But this time we saw what we had never seen before; a heart beat! After so much disappointment though my husband and I were still apprehensive and didn’t feel able to get too excited until after the twelve week scan and Harmony test showed it was a healthy baby. From then onwards I had a smooth pregnancy under Dr Shehata’s care and the NHS delivered my beautiful baby girl in April.

In 2017, hoping to have a second child we went back to see Dr Shehata. The blood tests revealed that my body had become more hostile to pregnancy, and I was given a different programme from the last time to follow. Following Dr Shehata’s prescribed programme and advice we had no complications and in June 2018 arrived a baby boy.

My husband and I cannot believe our luck after so much disappointment. We were very lucky to have had the amazing support from friends, family and professionals to support us on our journey to become parents. Barely an hour goes by when I don’t think about how differently it could have turned out and I can’t thank all at the CRP clinic enough.


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