When my little girl Matilda turned 2 I started to think about when would be a good time to have another baby, I thought it would be perfect if she just turned 3! I had her without any trouble and I was 7/8 weeks before I even knew I was pregnant, as soon as I found out, I knew in my heart she would be fine. Considering how easily I conceived her I thought the 2nd child would be much the same! Well I was very wrong!

I fell pregnant on the 2nd month of trying, I was working out all the dates in my head and this baby would be born just after Matilda was 3! perfect just as I wanted. This pregnancy felt very different, I was getting ready for my 12 week scan, as I was putting my makeup on I knew this day wasn’t going to go well! I thought that there was something wrong with the baby, I couldn’t put my finger on it but something was off. When they called my name I was so nervous, and sure enough the scan showed a placenta and a gestational sac but no baby! I think it’s called a Blighted Ovum. This was just the start, I when on to have another 3 miscarriages over a period of 2 years, each one just as heart-breaking as the first!

I knew something was wrong with me, I saw 2 heartbeats of 2 different babies when I went to the early pregnancy unit however my dates never matched up, the babies where all small. After I lost the 4th baby I searched the internet and found Mr Shehata, I just knew he was going to give me some answers! I booked an appointment with him and I waited patiently! I was nervous waiting in reception, when they called my name my husband and I went in. Mr Shehata asked lots of questions and some that was very hard to answer, we went through everything, all the miscarriages and the timings. He was very confident that he could help. He sent me for blood tests and when I received the results it showed the problem and we started the treatment! I when on to miscarry again but we weren’t sure what happened, soon I was pregnant again! I waited till I was 6/7 weeks and went for a scan but again there was no baby! We were heartbroken! I had a D n C and sent the tissue off to the lab. Turns out I needed more drugs to keep the baby.

I started the new treatment, it took my awhile to fall pregnant this time, maybe because my body had been through so much. When I went for my scan at 7 weeks I was so nervous as I knew this was my last hope! As I lay on the bed I was sweating I closed my eyes and as soon as the gel when on my stomach I looked at Mr Shehata and the thumb went up and the word YES came out of his mouth and I just broke down! finally the dates were bang on and the sound of its heartbeat was music to my ears!

On the 2nd January 2017 my beautiful baby boy Wilbur was born! Its taken 3 years to have him and I feel totally blessed! Mr Shehata and his team work miracles! I know without their help I wouldn’t have him.

I will never forget the babies that I lost but I am reassured I wouldn’t have Wilbur without this journey, I am so thankful to Mr Shehata and his team for helping me complete my family. I am eternally grateful and I thank my lucky stars everyday.

Many thanks

Anna Dowling

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