After 3 miscarriages (two at 8 weeks and one at 15 weeks) over 3 and a half years, we knew that this wasn’t just us being “unlucky” and we knew we needed more than just the paracetamol and extra scans that were being offered to us on the NHS.

Following lots of research I came across Dr Shehata and the more I read about him, the more I knew I had to go and see him. It was really important to us to get some answers as to the cause of our losses and have a way to move forward and finally have a baby. We had some very specific tests and after going through the results, a treatment plan was drawn up for us. I’ll never forget the feeling of new hope at this point and confidence that we were going to be helped.

Just seven months after first seeing Dr Shehata, and on our third month of trying under the treatment plan, I found out I was pregnant and on 23rd January 2016 I gave birth to our beautiful baby girl, Madeline Lily Smith. On that day, a day that at one point I didn’t believe would ever happen, we got our happy ever after and we couldn’t be more in debt to Dr Shehata and his team. Thank you doesn’t seem enough – for all the support and care we consistently received and for finally making us a family.

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