Within 2 years I suffered 3 miscarriages.  After months of going to the hospital without success, I found out about this clinic through a friend.  The first visit to Mr. Shehata was on November 19, 2020. After the first meeting and a set of blood tests it turned out that among the many problems, the most important were low vitamin D levels, problems with the immune system and blood clotting too  fast.

Mr Shehata drew up a plan which had to be followed very carefully.  After two months I got pregnant and at the 6-week ultrasound we had the great joy to hear and see our little one for the first time.  A blood test performed at 12 weeks also told us the gender of the baby.  At 12 weeks we had an appointment with Professor Akolekar who assured us after the first check that our little girl was growing well and healthy.  After each appointment with these people, We left  from there very calm and confident that everything was going very well.  At 16 weeks it was the last meeting with Mr. Shehata who reassured us that the pregnancy was going great and guided us to continue to go to Professor Akolekar for more detailed ultrasounds.  The last meeting with Professor Akolekar was at 22 weeks, who told us absolutely everything we needed to know about the baby.  From weight gain to the clearest details about brain development, etc.  Of course we can’t forget the nurses, who were very gentle and helpful whenever you had a misunderstanding about the treatment or simply needed to talk to someone.

At 40 weeks and 3 days I gave birth to a healthy and beautiful baby girl.  We can’t thank the clinic enough for how much it helped us become a family.  We will definitely come back again to have a healthy and safe pregnancy without going through other pregnancy losses.  We guide everyone who wants a pregnancy and a healthy baby to visit the Center for Reproductive Immunology and Pregnancy Miscarriage Clinic.

Thank you so much 🥰

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