We started trying to conceive in November 2020 and got pregnant straight away. I was worried cause I had been diagnosed with PCOS years before (no symptoms other than acne) but we were super lucky and got our positive pregnancy test on Christmas Eve 2020.

Sadly we found out we had miscarried on 16th January 2021 (missed miscarriage). We then got pregnant again in March but on the 12th week scan we found out our baby had anencephaly, so I had a D&C to terminate the pregnancy. We were devastated.

By that point we knew we had to do something so we went to a fertility clinic and had all sorts of tests done. Everything came back OK and we were even told that I had no PCOS as far as they could see. So we tried again. And had another missed miscarriage in February 2022.

After this third loss we felt like giving up. We had all possible tests done and were getting no answers. I was desperate to understand what was happening with my body so I read 7 books on pregnancy loss and miscarriage, watched documentaries, researched as much as I could online and talked to other women about possible treatments.

I first read about Prof. Shehata in one of my books. And then started seeing his name everywhere. In podcasts, documentaries and YouTube videos on miscarriages. I knew I had to go see him and his team, so my husband and I had a conversation about money and savings and decided to invest on treatment with the clinic.

We had our first appointment in March 2022. Dr. Shehata and Ms Silva Edge listened to our story and asked for details and explained what kind of tests I would get done. I also left that appointment clearing my doubts about PCOS, as they were able to check it right there and then and it turned out I did have it.

I was put on some medication straight away (metformin) and got blood tests done so we could discuss a plan at my next appointment.

Tests revealed that my body had high levels of NK cells and that it was likely that my immune system was attacking my pregnancies. FINALLY SOME ANSWERS!

They put a plan together for me straight away which consisted of intralipids, adalimumab injections prior to conceiving and prednisolone.

Once we got the green light from them that it was OK to start trying again (in my case it was after 4 adalimumab injections) we got to work and conceived within 2 months. We followed every single step of the treatment to a T, and had scans every 2 weeks with Ms Edge and an anomaly scan with Prof Akolekar. Everything seemed to be going well!! We couldn’t believe how lucky we were as we reached each milestone in our pregnancy.

At 20 weeks we were discharged from the clinic and went into midwifery care under the NHS (I was a bit anxious about this at first as I felt safe at the CRP clinic, it took me a while to get used to it).

We had a very straight forward pregnancy and at 38 weeks + 6 days I went into labour naturally and delivered our sweet baby girl Luna via unplanned C-Section (due to breech presentation). We are so in love with her and can’t believe how lucky we are that we get to be her parents.

The whole team at the clinic is FANTASTIC. The nurses are lovely and so reassuring. We felt welcome from the very beginning. They know how to talk to parents who went through pregnancy loss and are incredibly professional.

We will always be grateful to the CRP for helping us bring this sweet child into the world and we will definitely be back in the future once we’re ready to give Luna a little sibling.

Thank you Dr Shehata and team ❤️❤️

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