Dear Dr. Hassan Shehata,

We are a young couple from Slovenia. Five years ago we decided to make a family and thus upgrade our relationship. It was not long before I got pregnant and we were overjoyed with the thought of having a new member in the family. The pregnancy went without any complications up to the 24th week of the pregnancy when I had my morphology check-up where my gynaecologist found out that the foetus had died. Our happiness turned into sadness and we were forced to accept the cruel reality.

The doctors in Slovenia did not make any diagnoses after my first foetus’ death, saying it was bad luck and I should try getting pregnant again. With all our trust put in Slovenian medical care, we followed the doctors’ advice and soon got pregnant again. However, our happiness ended again with an abortion in my 16th week ofpregnancy.

The doctors did an autopsy of the foetus but they did not find any anomalies. I decided on my own to do a hysteroscopy check-up. They discovered I had uterine septum which was later on also removed. Doctors said that uterine septum was the most likely cause of all my miscarriages.

That having been said, my partner and I decided to try our luck once more. Fortunately, I got pregnant soon. I had more check-ups during that pregnancy than normally and I was also taking Aspirin and Utrogestan. Despite all the check-ups, the foetus died in the 25th week when a standstill in growth was determined. And so, once again, our happiness ended abruptly.

Since the doctors in Slovenia could not help us anymore, saying that I am healthy and that we should keep on trying and eventually we would succeed, we asked for a second opinion in Austria. They did not come to any new conclusions, so we decided to try again.

I got pregnant soon but unfortunately miscarried in my 9th week of pregnancy. We wanted to find out why none of my pregnancies were successful, so we started looking for answers on the internet. After some time we stumbled across a website of Miscarriage clinic where Dr. Shehata and his patients, whom he had helped, were describing similar problems we had. After reading the website and his successful treatments, we decided to contact Dr.Shehata.

We made our first appointment after explaining the above mentioned problems. When we first arrived to the clinic we were immediately surrounded with positive energy. When entering Dr. Shehata consulting room, we received a warm welcome by Senior Midwife Luise Jenner who took us to Dr. Hassan Shehata. Dr. Shehata was kind as well and advised us right away that, based on our previously sent documentation, we should test the activity of Natural killer cells.

He referred us to a laboratory where they took and checked my blood samples, in accordance with Dr. Shehata instructions. After a few days we had another appointment where we were informed of the check-up findings.

Dr. Shehata’s suspicion was confirmed. The blood test showed that the activity of TNF Alpha cells was too high. Based on that result, Dr. Shehata prescribed a treatment procedure before and during the pregnancy. I started taking the medicine immediately and soon got pregnant.

My pregnancy was monitored in Slovenia as well by Dr. Pušenjak. The findings were also sent to Dr. Shehata where we had occasional follow-up visits. Dr. Shehata was there for us throughout the whole pregnancy and was kind enough to help us through times of nervousness and expectations by advising us.

The pregnancy went without complications and with the help of Dr. Shehata and his professional competence we finally got our long awaited baby – son Liam.

I do not think we could enjoy the perfection of our happiness if it were not for the help of Dr. Shehata and his personnel. We are living now as a family always smiling and happy that a long and difficult path has led us to Dr. Shehata who made this possible with his professional competence.

We cannot describe our gratitude with words, but THANK YOU nevertheless for all your effort, kindness and the warmth you are giving.


Thank you again.

Yours sincerely,

Asmirka, Damjan and little Liam

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