We had been trying to conceive for 4 years before visiting Mr Shahata at the Miscarriage Clinic.  We first visited our GP after 9 months of not conceiving and were given 3 months of Clomid as both our fertility levels were on the lower levels of acceptable, without success.  We were then referred to an NHS specialist who suggested we tried increasing the dosage of clomid and after a couple of months I fell pregnant, but sadly the pregnancy did not last and I had an early miscarriage at just over 5 weeks.  We were told that it was just one of those things and to continue taking the clomid for a further 7 months.  When I had failed to fall pregnant again we were referred for IVF treatment.

The first treatment did not result in a pregnancy despite having good results all the way through the treatment the 2 healthy embryos failed to implant.  It was then decided that I should be given low levels of anti rejection drugs with the next IVF attempt, which was a low dose of Prednisolone and some clexane to thin the blood.  We were delighted when we got a positive pregnancy test and all the initial results were good.  We decided to have a scan privately at 9 weeks as I knew the percentage for miscarriage falls dramatically if a healthy heartbeat is seen at this stage.  However although the scan at 9 weeks showed everything to be normal I was diagnosed with a missed miscarriage at my 13 week scan, as this had showed the heartbeat had stopped at about 9 weeks and 3 days.  Once again we were back at the beginning with the added stress of knowing I had miscarried twice without any answers as to why.  I decided to take a blood test to show my levels of natural killer cells which came back extremely high and it was then suggested I contact Mr Shehata at the Miscarriage Clinic for treatment for this to be taken along with my last try at IVF.

Although there was finally a probable reason for my miscarriages my husband and I  very stressed and nervous by the time we met Mr Shehata, but found him to be extremely understanding and reassuring.  He constantly maintained that given the right treatment my chances of conceiving would be good.  I found his confidence and positivity vital in my attitude to having a further treatment of IVF combined with treatment for my natural killer cells.  I was prescribed a course of high dose Prednisolone and Clexane along with IVIG.  We were thoroughly delighted but a little anxious when I once again had a positive pregnancy test, but this time I was constantly monitored by Mr Shehata and we were thrilled to find out I was expecting twins.  I saw Mr Shehata every 2 weeks for the first 16 weeks and once we were out of the danger period I then was discharged by him and we continued to be monitored in the normal way by the NHS.  I do believe that I would not be the mother of 2 beautiful and amazing babies if I had not been treated by Mr Shehata.  He had the right level of monitoring without being too invasive and I always believed that I could contact him at any time should I have any serious worries about my pregnancy.  I was lucky to have a problem free pregnancy with very little side effects from the treatment and our babies were born totally healthy at just over 37 weeks.  I would recommend Mr Shehata to anyone who is having difficulty in conceiving as I believe he has changed my life in giving me the family I always wanted.

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