I already have a daughter who was born in 2001 – my pregnancy with her was very normal and she arrived at 37 weeks after a very normal and quick labour. I then found that I was pregnant in 2007 – completley unplanned but delighted nevertheless. At around 10 1/2 weeks, I started to bleed – just light spotting – as I was due a scan in the next week, I decided to leave it. By the time the scan date arrived, I knew that something was wrong as the bleeding was heavy now. I was right, there was no heart beat and we were told that the feotus was at the 7-8 week stage when it stopped developing. We were told by the doctors that ‘it was one of those things’ and given the statistics on the number of women that miscarry. We were devestated, but still hopeful. Three months later, I fell pregnant again – this time with no bleeding and having started suffering for morning sickness we went to our scan appointment full of optimism. We were shocked to find again that there was no heartbeat – in complete disbelief. Again, the feotus was showing to be at the 7-8 week stage. After having a D&C, I visited my GP to get some answers, but was again told the same as before – one of those things. Under the NHS, investigations are made only after 3 miscarriages. We were exhausted both emotionally and I physically so we decided to leave things for a while. In Novemeber 2009, I fell pregnant again, but started bleeding immedietly and after a very early scan at the EPU, it was confirmed that we had lost another pregnancy. I didn’t think I could do this again. My partner and I had a blood test to check for chromosones – all was ok. Still no answers.

My partner, decided to take things in his own hands and began researching alternatives on the internet and this is how we stumbled across Mr Shehata. There was a clip of him speaking on Richard and Judy – he was saying something different. It wasn’t just one of those things – there could be reasons and ways to prevent miscarriages. We didn’t hesitate and made an appointment for our initial consultation. This was made easier as Mr Shehata had various clinics and so we were able to choose where to go depending on location and availability.

When we first met Mr Shehata, we were struck by how positive he was about us having a successful pregnancy. He talked us through the possible reason for my miscarriages as being due to a high killer cell. I was unsure as I had had such a normal pregnancy with my daughter, but Mr Shehata explained how this could occur. I went along for some blood tests and after a few weeks returned to see Mr Shehata to discuss the results. It seemed that my killer cell was very high and so could have been the cause for the miscarriages. He explained the treatment, which was very simple. We couldn’t quite believe that he was so positive.

Soon after, I feel pregnant again and we arranged an appointment for a scan at 6 weeks. All was well but it was after this stage that I had lost the previous pregnancies so I was stilll very anxious. We continued to see Mr Shehata every fortnight for scans and we couldn’t believe that we had got to 10 weeks and everything was still ok. I’ll be honest, I never did stop feeling anxious, not until I held our little son but having those regular consultations really did help put my mind at rest. We continued to see Mr Shehata until I reached 16 weeks. I would have continued, but he assured us that we didn’t need to but could if we wished. His confidence was very reassuring.

Due to having had three miscarriages, I was eventually referred to an obstetrician through the NHS and so after my 20 week scan, I also had scans at 24 and 30 weeks – this added to my reassurance. Seven and a half weeks later, our beautiful boy was born after a very normal and quick labour. We really couldn’t believe it. I think we had both not really wanted to imagine what it would be like to hold him because we didn’t want to build up our hopes. So, when he arrived, it just felt unbelievable. We had our little boy and our daughter had her little brother that she was so desperate for.

We completely believe that he is here because of Mr Shehata’s treatment. This last pregnancy was our last chance – I didn’t think that we could have coped with another loss as we are all getting older! We can’t thank Mr Shehata enough and hope that by sharing our story and making people aware of this could save a lot of heartache.


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