My husband and I started to try for a baby in 2005. I have  2 children with my previous husband so didn’t think there would be any problems. I fell pregnant very quickly but at about 7 weeks had a very small amount of bleeding, after a scan I found I had miscarried.

We tried again but the same happened ! And a third time too !

Our local hospital did some tests ( you have to have 3 miscarriages before they will do tests ) They said everything was fine with both of us.
I fell pregnant again but miscarried this one too.
I began to think maybe my age was to blame for this to keep happening ( I was now 41, Steve 31)

We decided to try IVF so only the good eggs would be fertilised. We had to pay for this treatment.
The first cycle didn’t work but we had some eggs frozen so went again, this cycle didn’t work either. We went back tried again they suggested using donor eggs, as there is a long waiting list they recommended going to Spain to a clinic they worked with, we did this and I fell pregnant again, but at about 9 weeks miscarried again, we went back to us the frozen eggs but this cycle didn’t work.  We then decided that it wasn’t my age as the donor was approx 24.

We looked for another’s IVF clinic abroad as they were much cheaper ! We found one in northern Cypress so contacted them, we went over and I fell pregnant on the first cycle , but at 5 weeks started to bleed, I had a scan it was twins ! They couldn’t find any cause for the bleed so said it would probably be ok this time ! But a week later I miscarried again ,

This was now 6 miscarriages, I needed to know why this kept happening !

A friend at work told me about had Mr. Shehata who he had seen on tv talking about reaccurrent miscarriages. I went home and looked him up on line, I phoned the number straight away and got an appointment 2 weeks later.

We went to see Mr.Shehata in London. After giving my history he sent me or blood tests, loads of them ! All taken in one go. He explained that there was defenetly something wrong to cause so many miscarriages and that he may not be able to find the reason but to relax and wait for the results which would take 3 weeks to come back. He was very very nice and we left the appointment feeling confident that he would find the cause.

We went back to see Mr.Shehata for the results. He was smiling when we arrived, he had found not 1 cause but 2 ! He said I had no hope with these 2 problems without treatment. I had a blood clotting problem called Factor V Leiden and slightly raised Natural Killer cells !

The treatment was so simply to sort, he prescribed blood thinner injections and steroid tablets to be taken in pregnancy but with strict timings.

We had gone private to see Mr. Shehata  but it was the best money we had ever spent ! He was amazing ! He was kind and very understanding.

We decided to go back to Northan Cyress as I could time the medication better with IVF than naturally, and they had a very high sucesses rate ( unlike uk )

We went back a few weeks later and got pregnant again first time, I had a scan at 7 weeks, it was twins again ! We started to panic as twin carried a higher risk normally let alone with my history.
We went back to see Mr.Shehata for another scan, he was too excited to be scanning twins.
He had a midwife working with him called Louise who was also very nice and helpful.
He reassured us that everything was ok ,( heart beats seen and heard on his scanner ) and should continue to be so.

We tried to relax and enjoy the pregnancy but it was hard as we were so worried ! But we tried.
I had a bleed at 16 weeks and thought ” oh no ” it’s happening again, a scan showed everything was still ok and the bleeding stopped. I phoned Louise and she reassured me too.

We had our lovely twins on 15 th June 2011. They are now 2 and we are the luckiest couple in the world ! And it’s all Thanks to Mr. Shehata and his team, without there help we wouldn’t have our girls !

Most people give up after a few miscarriages because the stress and heartache is too much, and if going through IVF its the expense too , we spent £37,000 on IVF , which i actually didn’t need! if only id been told about Mr.Shehata sooner !  I’m very stubborn and won’t let anything beat me! I wasn’t going to give up. We wanted a child between us and I was going to do that as Stephen is the most loving and supportive husband anyone could wish for.
If your going though any of these problems please don’t give up, go to see Mr. Shehata and he could help you too.

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