The media’s obsession with famous mommies-to-be is no secret, and is certainly nothing new. But the ever more aggressive, 24-7 coverage of celebrity-bump-watching, by everyone from New York magazine to, has a far less joyous downside. Because celebs are now in the spotlight virtually from the day they conceive, when things go wrong, that, too, becomes a headline, forcing women to live out a very painful process in the glare of the public eye.

Case in point was this month when 25-year-old British pop star Lily Allen suffered a miscarriage (her second), six months into her pregnancy. It wasn’t something Allen was necessarily ready to announce, but because she was so far along, her suddenly slim belly immediately stirred rumors, and the press “went berserk,” Hassan Shehata, a London-based obstetrician and gynecologist who specializes in maternal medicine, told The Daily Beast in a telephone interview.

Shehata said he received a call asking him to speak about Allen on British television, but declined because “I didn’t feel it was right for me.”

Beyond the fact that Shehata does not know Allen, nor the details of her situation, he also said no because he is aware of how traumatic a miscarriage can be.

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