That was how my husband described our potential meeting with Mr. Shehata. After a series of miscarriages and a failed IVF attempt we felt as though we had come to the end of the road, and as I approached my fortieth birthday any hope we had of having a child of our own was rapidly fading.

So, when we heard of Mr. Shehata and how he’d helped numerous women with stories similar to mine I suddenly felt as if we’d been given another chance – our last chance saloon.

On our first meeting Mr. Shehata was sympathetic to our situation but at the same time optimistic that he could help us. His approach was always one of genuine care and support accompanied by a very honest and candid clinical assessment.

During this initial assessment we discussed possible causes of the miscarriages and a treatment plan, which in my case was simply a course of tablets and one type injection.

Without hesitation we embarked on the treatment and within a few months I was pregnant! Nervous, that this  pregnancy would end like all the others, I was grateful for the fortnightly checkups. With each scan my confidence grew and slowly but surely I began to believe that this time it would work out – we would finally have our precious baby.

In June 2009 our dream was realised, our beautiful baby daughter was born! Even now, while we look forward to her second birthday we sometimes still have to pinch ourselves into believing that she’s here.  If anybody reading this has suffered a miscarriage I would urge you to speak to Mr. Shehata because he could possibly help you the way he did us – what have you got to lose?

My only regret is that we weren’t aware of him earlier.

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