My husband and I came to Mr Shehata’s clinic after suffering from five miscarriages. As I had given birth to our little girl Florence three years earlier, we had been told by well meaning people in the NHS that we were just having “bad luck” and to “keep trying”. Tests and consultations had given no clue as to any possible problem. We had almost given up having another child, as after losing five babies, we simply did not want to go through the same heart-breaking experience again.

We found the clinic through an internet investigation and the web site seemed to back up our own theory that there must be more to this than simply bad luck. We flew from Scotland full of both anticipation and fear but knowing that, already, we had more hope than previously.

The initial consultation with Mr Shehata was extremely encouraging. For the first time someone acknowledged that “there is a reason for what is happening”. We went through a series of tests which was far more extensive than anything we had gone through in numerous consultations previously.

The test results appeared to indicate a problem. Although my NK cell levels were very slightly below the threshold level indicated they were far higher than normal levels. In addition our history appeared to indicate a classic case of “recurrent miscarriage after live birth”. We were extremely encouraged that not only did we have a diagnosis but there was a treatment available.

I was given a course of treatment including steroids, progesterone hormones, Omega 3, calcium Vitamin D and Aspirin. Although it felt like swallowing a chemist, it felt extremely good to have a positive way forward.

When I became pregnant while on the course of treatment it was the first pregnancy in many which was not met with fear and sadness. The success rate of similar treatments and the confidence of Mr Shehata had given us confidence and hope. However it was not until after the fourteenth week that we actually started to relax and even later before we truly enjoyed the pregnancy.

Our little boy, Seth James, was born on the 14th of March. It was fourteen months after our visit to the clinic.

We are absolutely certain that without this treatment we would not have our healthy baby boy. We have committed to take any opportunity to tell people about this treatment to counteract the lack of information in the NHS and elsewhere.

We have heard numerous stories of similar advice being given to mothers that their pattern of recurrent miscarriage is simply “bad luck”. The statistics of repeated miscarriages after live birth simply do not support this statement and we believe that many such instances are closely linked to the work of the body’s own immune system.

We cannot thank enough Mr Shehata and Cheryl both for the medical care and their kindness when we were most in need of help. Our little boy is now approaching his first birthday and bringing with him all of the joy, sleepless nights, broken ornaments and surprise cuddles which small children

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