Just weeks before coming across Dr Shehatas website we were starting to prepare ourselves for the devastating fact that we may never be able to carry a baby to full term.

After four miscarriages it just seemed like we would be on this endless roller coaster of the joy of a positive pregnancy test and all the hopes and dreams that came along with it, to the devastation of being told once again, that our dream was over.

Reading about Dr Shehatas treatment, there was just a glimmer of hope, something told us he could hold the answer to our heartache but we would have never dared have believed that 12 months later we would be holding our wonderful little boy in our arms.

Everything went so smoothly, and having Dr Shehata on hand to reassure us during the worry of those cruicial first months of pregnancy was wonderful. Here we are almost five years on and Noah has a beautiful eighteen month old sister Daisy.

Dr Shehata gave us hope but most of all he gave us our family

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