Over the last 10 years I have endured numerous types of fertility treatments…..17 in total !!!  From these attempts I was lucky to become pregnant 4 times.  Sadly the pregnancies did not progress and I miscarried my precious babies during the early stages.

Trying for so long was a weary process and I was getting close to throwing in the towel so to speak until I saw a newspaper article about how Mr Shehata had helped a woman who had suffered numerous miscarriages…and was now a mum !

Just reading the article gave me a little bit of hope so I contacted his Harley Street Clinic as soon as I could and made the appointment to have my consultation.

Mr Shehata suggested I have some blood tests and some came back showing I had raised NK cells which was possibly why I kept miscarrying….I began his protocol straight away as I was due to have my FET treatment within the next 2 weeks !  I was blessed again with a positive pregnancy test result but this time it was different…..I carried my baby to full term without any problems.

My baby boy is now 6 weeks old and is a joy to have in my life.  I had almost given up hope of ever having a baby but with Mr Shehatas help and expertise I am now a VERY proud Mummy !I am just thankful I saw that newspaper article that day !!!!

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